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What will make your child return home?

SO, what does this headline mean?

Is living on the street safer than living at home?

For some of our readers this sounds strange. But for kids living on the street, it is a reality!

Let’s look at what it means to be home and safe from a child’s perspective. As parents and members of the church we have a big impact on the life of a child.

This article will point out common behaviours used towards our children and the impact on them.

How can we restore broken relationships?


Our children are the future of our community.

Consider these ten things, see if any are present in your relationship with your kids.


  1. ABSENCE   Whether a man abandons his kids completely or is never home due to work, he still leaves them as sheep without a shepherd. This sends the signal to your kids.


  1. ANGER Proverbs 27:4 says “wrath is cruel.” Anger, causes you thoughtlessly to say or do things that deeply wound your children’s spirit long-term. This causes withdrawal from you.

Love is slow to anger!

If your kids get angry and it isn’t resolved, they become bitter.

The Devil fills their minds with accusations against you. He develops a “list of crimes” thoughts of wrongs you have committed, then he uses this to justify rebellion against you.

Therefore, when your children become angry with you,







Otherwise it becomes a barrier.


  1. UNJUST DISCIPLINE. Children can sour if discipline is unjustified or administered unfairly. Parents – Explain rules and consequences clearly.

USE God’s word and authority not opinion

(Ephesians 6:1-3). Every time you discipline, ask, “How can I train them without losing their heart?”


  1. HARSH CRITICISM DO NOT be unnecessarily hard on your kids.

A small chisel of criticism to you can feel like a crushing hammer to them.

Never call your children names or embarrass them.

Don’t be sarcastic or belittling.

Show them how to laugh at themselves and learn.

If given no freedom to fail, they will tend to rebel when given any freedom at all.



Mercy warms hearts; carelessness distances them.

Children become upset about temporary, pressing matters; School, friends, feelings, competitions. Provide Listening ear,

Wise counsel, Prayerful support,  Willing hand.

Rescuing your children during the time of panic makes you their hero!

Help them think of you as an oasis they can run to, not a dry desert that offers no relief.


  1. FAVOURITISM Causes resentment.

Favouritism and jealousy in scripture led Rachel and Leah to fight, Joseph’s brothers to hate him.

Every child should know that you have no favourites.


  1. HYPOCRISY Do not preach one thing while doing another

If you are hypocrite, Repent, Turn from your sin, Seek God’s forgiveness.



By divorce, adultery, or mistreatment.

Children feel confused and betrayed when their father hurts their mother.

They are commanded by God to honour their mother.

If you teach them to dishonour her, they will eventually dishonour you.



Rebellion is due to feeling misunderstood, not listened to by their parents.

Listen carefully, communicate.



Children will become discouraged if they believe their parents have set them up to fail.

Avoid comparing their weakness with another child’s strength.

Look how God has made your child.  Never try to make your child into something he isn’t.

These are the most common reasons as to why we have broken homes without children living there. Therefore, let us focus on the mentioned issues in this article.

In doing so, healing of your household and restoration shall take place. The Traumatised children will be restored.

This may seem hard and you may have lost hope, but hold on, change is coming.

Your family shall be restored, and you shall win the hearts of your children again.

If we work at these things, it will change our relationship for the better.

Restore broken communities and families, children will be reunited with their parents and become strong members of our society.

I believe you have been blessed and encouraged after reading the article.

May God bless your household, your communities and our blessed country Zambia !

 Kindly contact me on the following: jasper.mutale@yahoo.com or Tel: 0966487131.


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