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NDOLA District Commissioner (DC) Canon George Chisulo has expressed concern over foreign companies employing foreign nationals at the expense of locals in the city 

Canon Chisulo said he had received reports on foreign companies especially those owned by Somalis and Tanzanian transporters of employing their nationals as truck drivers.

He was speaking in an interview yesterday.

Canon Chisulo said the act was very displeasing especially that there were a good number of Zambians qualified for the jobs.

“It is very displeasing to note that a good number of foreign companies have opted to employ their own nationals at the expense of the locals in the country despite having a good number of them who are highly qualified for the jobs,” he said.

He said jobs that could be done by Zambians must to be given to the locals as the country wanted to empower its people with employment which would in turn lower unemployment levels.

Canon Chisulo said he would conduct inspections on some companies to see how many foreigners had been employed with jobs that could be done by the locals.

Meanwhile, the DC said Government would continue empowering farmers with livestock.

So far, he said, 40 goats were delivered to farmers on Monday this week under the pass-on-the-gift programme.

He said Government would ensure that the diversification programme achieved its purpose, especially that there was a goat-export deal with Saudi Arabia.

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