‘Dead’ but alive

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A FAMILY of Lusaka’s Garden House was yesterday shocked to see their `dead’ son walk into the funeral house where people had gathered to mourn his death following discovery of burnt remains believed to be his.

The funeral in Garden House yesterday turned into a joyous celebration after the 27- year-old man whom relatives believed to have been murdered, appeared.


Phabian Banda was reported to have been identified as the man who burnt to death in the same area. The father to the deceased, Lackson Banda, identified the body as that of his son and reported the matter to Plainview police post and later, in company of police officers, took the body to University Teaching Hospital. The resurrected man told Sunday Nation, he had been working in the night and decided to return later in the morning because it was not safe to move about in the early hours.

In an interview, the visibly shaken Banda, said when he reached near his place, he was surprised to see people start celebrating when they saw him.

Neighbours and relatives who gathered for the “funeral”, sang worship songs and poured Banda with mealie meal and water “to welcome him back to life.”

Meanwhile residents of Garden House yesterday woke up to a grizzly find after discovering charred remains of an unidentified man they earlier thought was Phabian Banda.

The victim is believed to have been murdered, burnt and dumped along a centre road, right in between two adjacent houses, in the Garden House area.

A woman who stays near the scene, said that they did not hear any noise in the night to suggest anything but only discovered the extensively burnt body early in the morning.

“I first saw smoke coming from shrubs by the roadside, like something was smouldering, I went to check and found it was an almost charred body of a human being,” she narrated.

Another resident, Victor Chanda, said the body is believed to have been murdered and burnt somewhere else and later dumped there.

Mr Chanda said the family thought it was Banda because the deceased looked similar to the burnt body especially that they both had scars on the forehead. Scores of residents that besieged the area were shocked to find charred remains with the victim’s mouth visibly open, an indication that he could have been burnt alive.

The residents have appealed to police to intensify patrols in the area because of increased crime levels.

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