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Dear editor,

IT HAS become a common trend for civil servants to be paid their salaries late. This is very unfortunate because delayed salaries for civil servants demotivates them.

Ultimately, this scenario if left unchecked can lead to low productivity.

Employees in local authorities are the major victims pertaining to delayed salaries. This is because the local authority workers could go several months without being paid salaries.

Some civil servants started receiving their February salaries last Tuesday while others from the University of Zambia (UNZA) have not yet received their salaries.

This does not augur well as it demotivates the workers. It is unfortunate that some civil servants could resort to strike action, pressing for their salaries which they are entitled to.

According to the Zambian Labour Laws, delaying workers’ salaries is violation of their rights to employment. One thing worth noting is that every employee must be paid a reasonable salary and on time.

Realistically speaking, there is need for the government to find the last solution to the problem of delayed salaries for civil servants which has been trending for a long time.



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