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UNITED Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) president, Charles Chanda has asked the Lusaka High Court to direct the police to present him before court.

Mr Chanda wants the police to show cause as to why he should not be released after languishing in police cells for more than 48 hours.

Mr Chanda who has sued the Attorney General and Inspector General of Police,  Kakoma Kanganja wants the Lusaka High Court to order that a writ of habeas corpus ad-subiciendum be issued and directed that the officer in charge at Lusaka division headquarters  have his  body presented before court.

“I crave the court’s indulgence to grant him leave to issue a writ of habeas corpus ad-subiciendum to compel the  State agent namely Zambia Police to bring my body from the cells and make presentation before the court of law and explain  the reason why I should not be released for lack of evidence,” Mr Chanda stated.

Mr Chanda who is represented by Lusaka lawyer, Nicholas Chanda stated in his ex parte originating summons for leave to issue writ of habeas corpus ad- subiciendum filed into court yesterday that on October 8 2019 he was arrested and immediately detained at the door of Court no. 5 of the Lusaka magistrate complex.

He stated that this was when he was leaving for  home and was surrounded by paramilitary and civil but armed officers who manhandled him and threw him in a military van and whisked him away to Lusaka division headquarters.

Mr Chanda stated that at the police there was no single officer who interviewed him and or take a warn and caution statement from him.

He stated that however upon spending four days in the police cells they finally recorded a warn and caution statement from him which indictment has 195 counts of offences of obtaining money by false pretenses.

“That I was under the mistaken belief that I would be released on police bond but however, it turned out that some hidden powers and or forces had made my release difficult and as such I continue languishing in police custody,’’ Mr Chanda stated.

Mr Chanda stated that it was now eight days without making him available to appear before the courts of law which period of time in detention has raised the legal requirement which requires to present him before the courts of law within 48 hours.

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