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By Nation Reporter

Don’t block anyone by persuading them to refrain from voting, you may block a vote, Kabwe district Returning Officer, Nelly Chimuka has urged political party members taking part in the Munyama ward by- election.

Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) are taking part in the local government elections slated for February 12.

Ms Chimuka urged the political party members to avoid convincing people to refrain from voting within the 400 metres of the polling station as doing so might cost them a vote.

She was speaking during a briefing of stakeholders, monitors, observers and agents at Kabwe civic centre yesterday.

Ms Chimuka said the act was not only an offense but also a disadvantage to political parties because they do not know was going to vote for them as a vote was a secret.

“Don’t block anyone, you don’t know who is going to vote for you, you may block a vote, people are unpredictable,” said Ms Chimuka.

She said it was regrettable that staying away from the 400 meters of the polling station had not been adhered to by political party members.

She has since appealed to all stakeholders in the district to play a part in ensuring peaceful polls. Ms Chimuka said so far all the by elections held in the district with the latest being in Chililalila ward had been peaceful and was optimistic that the Munyama by election would also be peaceful.

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