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CHIEF Liteta has accused his wife of being dishonest about their marriage when she failed to disclose to the Lusaka High Court that she is his second wife.

The traditional leader asked the High Court not to entertain his wife Prisca Malembeka’s application for an injunction where she asked the court to restrain him from evicting her.

Chief Liteta claimed that Ms Malembeka’s application was an abuse of court process because there were currently divorce proceedings in the Bwacha Local Court in Kabwe and that the same court will make orders for settlement of properties.

“This court should not find itself in a situation where a matter that is likely to come to it by appeal also becomes the first court of instance,

“She commenced another matter in the Bwacha Local Court and the matter is still active and relates to divorce proceedings between us.” Chief Liteta said.

He said Ms Malembeka occupied the house by virtue of her marriage to him.

In this matter Ms Malembeka sued Charles Mulando (Chief Liteta) in the Lusaka High Court asking the court to prevent him from evicting her.

The traditional leader opposed the application for an injunction stating that she was not entitled to an interim injunction because she failed to comply with the judicial requirements of full and frank disclosure that the two were married and that there were divorce proceeding in the local court.

“Ms Malembeka’s application for injunction should not be entertained because it is a principle requirement that there must be full and frank disclosure of all material facts when it comes to such applications,

“He asked the court to dismiss the matter for being incompetent and that costs should be in his favour.

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