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UPND Members of Parliament should not take the people of for granted by boycotting every bill even if it was progressive, New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda has said walking out of parliament by the UPND MPs will not solve anything.

He said there were people who voted for them on principle and ptowards the nation and expected to see progress and not cheap politics especially in parliament.

In an interview, Mr Chanda said it was myopic  for the UPND to think that the people who voted for them were all members of their party.

He said it was almost expected of them but this was affecting development in the country.

“For me their action did not come as a surprise. We are used to it and it does not make any difference because parliament issues are about numbers which they do not have,” he said.

He said bills were still going to pass even if the 50 UPND MPs continue to boycott whenever bills were brought on the floor of the house for debate.

Mr Chanda said in fact people of Zambia should give the UPND MPs a red card for wasting their time and that of the nation.

He said the UPND risk going into dissolution if they continued with their bigoted behaviour because the people of Zambia were not asleep but assessing what was happening.

Mr Chanda said the conduct by the UPND to boycott the constitutional amendment bill was hypocrisy of the highest order.

He said the UPND were the same people calling for a constitutional amendment but because the PF government was delivering it was now no longer a good thing.

Mr Chanda said the Zambian people should be alive to the fact that nothing good could be expected from the UPND.

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