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LUSAKA residents should double their efforts in cleaning up their surroundings especially that the rainy season is approaching, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has said.

Mr Sampa particularly urged the residents of Lusaka’s Bauleni Compound to seriously clean up as the area was notorious for diseases like Cholera and other related water borne diseases.

Mr Sampa urged the public, especially the young generation, to educate parents o good practices like boiling drinking water, washing hands before eating food and after using the toilet.

Mr Sampa said this during the commemoration of the World Cleanup Day held at Bauleni Primary School in Lusaka on Saturday.

He emphasized the need to keep the city clean in order to curb outbreaks of Cholera as it was expensive to irradiate.

“Bauleni is notorious for cholera which comes due to dirty water and dirty food so it’s the right place to start this campaign from this year and rains are around the corner so we need to up the game so that we do not have an outbreak of cholera in 2019 and do not lose life,” Mr Sampa said.

Mr Sampa recalled that last year, Lusaka did not record any Cholera cases as most areas were cleaned during World Clean-up Day.

He thanked the organizers of the event, including all stakeholders, whom he said were key in ensuring cleanliness.

Meanwhile, European Union (EU) Deputy Head of Delegation, Robert De Raeve said, the fight against plastic pollution and waste recycling was of interest to the European Commission.

He also said his team decided to involve a lot of youths in the cleanup campaign this year so as to educate the next generation on the issue

Mr Sampa later led the people in picking up litter around Bauleni Primary School after which some companies exhibited products that were made out of recycled waste.

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