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A MARRIED woman’s clear testimony and consistence in the dates on which she was making love with her boyfriend was enough reason for a Lusaka local court to fine her lover for adultery.

The court wondered why her boyfriend took care of her during the pregnancy if they were not in a sexual relationship.

In this case, Charles Nyendwa, 40, a carpenter of Garden House compound sued Musa Silwimba, 38, a driver of Garden Park compound for committing adultery with his wife Jelina Kamwesha, 32.

Nyendwa told the court that in 2018 Jelina was working at AVIC where Silwimba worked as a driver and that in May 2018 he went to stay at the farm but on his return in June discovered Jelina was pregnant.

He said in September she revealed that it was Silwimba’s pregnancy.

Nyendwa married Jelina in 2008 after paying dowry and they have four children.

In defence, Silwimba denied making love to Jelina but that she was fond of asking him for money enticing him to propose love to her. He said he only bought her a drink in Garden House.

Silwimba said when he heard that Jelina was married he advised her to stop following him.

But Jelina insisted that Silwimba proposed love to her when she was working at AVIC in 2018.

She said on February 28, 2018 Silwimba took her to Garden House at a Guest House where they made love and that on March 12, 2018 they made love again in his house in Garden Park.

She said on June 15, 2018 Silwimba took her to a guest house in Garden House and made love and that this time she conceived.

Jelina said she told Silwimba that she got pregnant when she was not making love with her husband a situation which forced her to stop work on June 18, 2018.

Jelina said Silwimba even gave her K600 to terminate the pregnancy.

She told the court that in August 2018 her husband came and took her to the clinic where the pregnancy was confirmed. Her husband then took her to the farm.

Jelina said Silwimba sent her money via mobile money services on three occasions to help her during the pregnancy and that K500 cash was the last amount he sent.

Jelina who has since given birth said on December 6, 2018 Silwimba followed her at the farm in Kapiri and stayed in her house for three days and promised to give her money for business.

Passing judgment, the court said that there was no doubt that Silwimba was in a sexual relationship with Jelina and he failed to challenge her.

Silwimba was ordered to compensate Nyendwa K8, 000 with an initial payment of K1, 000 followed by monthly instalments of K500.

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