Dry spell a matter of concern

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Dear Editor,

THERE Is no need for  our meteorological department to sensitise farmers regarding the current dry spell which we seem to be  suffering from.

There is already worry and concern that this season may be uncharacteristically dry and hence the need to plant early maturity crops.

So far there has been no direction from the authorities although the concerns are growing. We need to know what we should  plant in the event that this dry spell continues.

I am aware that due to el nino phenomenon we may have less rain but it is not clear when this rain will start. Our experts should be able to judge from the current universal  weather to determine what might  take place.

More importantly we would also like to get advice on possible high value crops that can be grown if the rain season is short because maize may not be the best crop in the circumstances.

We should work in a coordinate of fashion to take advantage of whatever weather we face to produce to the maximum ability of the nation and in this regard maize should not be the only crop to be considered. The extension officers in the field should be more creative in advising farmers to experiment and produce more resilient crops.

For too long maize has been a political crop whose price has not been determined by the farmer but rather by the politically charged urban community which wants cheap food.

Farmers must also come together through the various organisations to demand for better prices.


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