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ZAMBIA cannot claim to have accelerated investment and inclusive sustainable development without education, training development, research and innovation, Mulungushi University vice chancellor Hellicy Ng’ambi has said.

Speaking in Kabwe on Tuesday, Professor Ng’ambi said tertiary institutions must respond to the growing global trends if they were to produce professionals who would not only be employers and entrepreneurs, but accountable individuals who were relevant to their calling.

“There can be no accelerated investment and inclusive sustainable development without education, training, and development and research, as well as innovation. Human capital is the backbone of every investment.

“In today’s shifting landscape, any initiative towards accelerating investment must place an emphasis on accelerated trade and development that would equip practitioners with the skills, competencies, attributes, and appropriate values,” Prof Ng’ambi said. He said skills training was imperative to the economic transformation of any country as it made graduates relevant to the economic development agenda.

“Given today’s competitive and changing environment, the ultimate goal of a successful learning programme must be to accelerate learning and produce graduates who will become influential employers and entrepreneurs who can be involved in accelerating investment for sustainable development. Most importantly, we must impart values and skills that will make them relevant to everything they do to sustain their ability.  “We cannot genuinely claim now, to be inclusive if we are not accountable and relevant to our calling. At Mulungushi University, we provide the requisite skills in terms of human resources including good practices in society for the improvement of the economy. We don’t just produce graduates but individuals that can serve this country in any field in an accountable manner,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ng’ambi has challenged people in Central Province to reclaim its lost glory of being a mining giant by replicating its production prowess in other sectors of the economy such as agriculture.

“This investment forum and expo is long overdue because it will rekindle industrialisation and development of Central Province. We dream to regain our 1930 legacy as a mining giant in Zambia and we will regain this position, not necessarily as a mining giant, but in many other areas. “At present, the province boasts of agriculture development in facilities such as the Mkushi farming block and we are the food basket of that nation. Not only that, Central Province boasts of being among those provinces that have housed a large number of institutions of higher learning,” he said.



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