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Eleora gems is a wholly Zambian owned gemstone and jewelry company.

“We founded Eleora Gems because of our passion for gemstones and the need to create fine jewellery from the natural resources that Zambia is endowed with. As a Christian couple, we wanted to create a business that reflects our values. The word ‘Eleora’ means ‘God’s light’. It is our desire to remind the wearer of every piece that we produce that even in the darkest times, God’s light always shines on them.”

My wife and I opened this company to expose the hidden treasures held by Zambian soils. We began Eleora gems with an online store and due to popular demand, found a convenient physical store at the prestigious Arcades Mall in Lusaka.

From as far back as I can remember, probably when I was in my early teens, I became intrigued with colored stones that came out of the ground. As soon as I was old enough to comprehend rock formations, chemical processes and the like, I started to collect a few gemstones. By 2009 this hobby transformed into a trade and in early 2018 the company Eleora Gems was registered.

Growing the business to its current position was a difficult task but with constant communication and feedback from several clients, Eleora Gems has been able to produce high quality pieces for sale locally and internationally. All our materials are sourced locally in a bid to reap back into the communities and we use local labour for all our processes, this is another way of paying back to the community.

Eleora Gems has a more intimate and hands on approach when it comes to creating their pieces. They start by interviewing their clients and getting to know more about them. The jewellery should be a reflection of the wearer’s character and personality.

The design process then moves to the proposal of what gemstones should be used in the jewellery. This can range from birthstones, favorite color or favorite stone. Whatever stones are chosen, they should have meaning and sentimental value to the would be owner. The designs are then proposed in either silver, white gold or yellow gold with rose gold and platinum soon to be a new offering in the metal range. Once all stakeholders are satisfied with the designs and materials selected, production then begins. . Our design and craftsmanship is only limited by the imagination.

We would encourage more people to invest in some custom made jewellery because they last a life time. We would love to see our work passed on from one generation to another, with each passing generation knowing that what they wear meant something to a family member before them.

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