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By Terence Miselo

Motivational speaker and writer Elijah Mwape has penned a new book titled ‘Wisdom 2019’ set to help people find ways to a successful New Year.

Mwape, author of two other books ‘‘Relationship College’’ and ‘12 Keys to Unlock Success’ says the book brings out exceptional insights that will equip individuals and set them for the New Year.

“Important questions to ask yourself as you read this book are; what did you achieve in 2018, what did you fail at in 2018 and how much time did you spend on productivity? In what area can you improve in 2019 and what can you do differently?” he says.

“The book tackles topics like privacy, excuses, procrastination, competition, visions and goals and all other issues related to success.”

“Keep your personal life private. The enemy doesn’t attack what he doesn’t know. Do not announce your plans and projects too soon. Certain folks are dream killers, not everyone is happy with your success,” reads an excerpt from the book which is now available for sale.

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