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GOVERNMENT will continue to cancel licences for mining companies which do not adhere to the set regulations, Mines Ministry Permanent Secretary Paul Chanda has warned.

Mr Chanda said Government had been cancelling licences for some mining companies, including locals which were not following regulations.

He was speaking in Lusaka yesterday at the eighth Zambia Alternative Mining “Indaba.”

“We have been cancelling licences for some mining companies for not adhering to regulations and given them to serious investors.  If those companies countinue operating after the cancellation, they are deemed as illegal,” Mr Chanda said.

And responding to concerns from the indaba on the illegal mining of manganese in Luapula province, Mr Chanda reiterated that Government was aware of the problem and that measures were being put in place.

Mr Chanda said Government had put in place a 10 percent export duty in manganese meant to encourage value addition.

“We are encouraging the selling and buying of processed manganese as a way to promote value addition. In Serenje, we have about four processing plants of manganese,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Senior Chief Chimense called for intervention to ensure that investors mining manganese in his area shared the benefits with the local people.

Senior Chief Chimense also observed the need to consult the local and traditional leaders when Government was issuing out licences for mining manganese in Mansa.

“Local people should benefit from their resources. As chiefs from Luapula Province, we are not happy on how land acquisition is being managed. Some investors are given over 40, 000 hectares  without involving us the chiefs and the local people,” he said.

He noted that his area was endowed with manganese but that the extraction of the resource was not being done in the right manner.

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