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DENMARK’S former ambassador to Zambia Kathrine Walentin Jensen has sued her associate who had been a gardener at the Danish embassy demanding damages for breach of contract.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Ms Jensen alleged that Peter Chalcraft refused to honour an oral agreement made over a piece of land entrusted to him until she could obtain a permanent permit to stay in Zambia.

Ms Jensen claimed that in 2005, she sought to establish a Non Governmental Organisation aimed at helping and educating vulnerable children in Lusaka but could not own land as she was not a Zambian national or holder of a permanent permit stay.

She claimed that she shared the idea with Mr Chalcraft and that it was her intention to permanently move to Zambia and permanently establish the NGO.

Ms Jensen claimed that by an oral agreement made with Mr Chalcraft in 2005, it was a greed that she would buy land in his name at a purchase price of $41, 370 to be held for her on trust until a time when she would complete her employment as a diplomat and formalise her stay in the country.

She indicated that it was not her intention for Mr Chalcraft to own the land but to hold it on trust.

Ms Jensen indicated that in 2006 when her diplomatic duties came to an end, she left for Denmark and Mr Chalcraft promised to look after the land until she returned.

She claimed that when she returned, Mr Chalcraft had constructed a building on the plot and refused to move out.

“I bought the land with the intention of it being held in trust on my behalf but not withstanding repeated requests, Mr Chalcraft has continued to neglect and refuse to take any steps towards completion of our oral agreement,” Ms Jenson said.

Ms Chalcraft indicated that she was devastated by the treatment of Mr Chalcraft as he had not only destroyed her trust but also not paid any money for the same land.

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