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EXODUS Boxing Academy proprietor Anthony Mwamba says his boxers will use the newly launched “Kamukole” punch to overcome their opponents at the April 6 international boxing championship at Government Complex in Lusaka.

Speaking in an interview, Mwamba described the “Kamukole” punch as a dangerous punch which his boxers were mastering to triumph in their upcoming fights.

Mwamba, who is in charge of drilling the fighters ahead of the championship re affirmed his commitment to preparing boxers who would raise the country’s flag high.

“All the boxers are well prepared, this time we are going to use a new punch which is called “Kamukole” punch and that no one can escape it so all the boxers are busy mastering the punch,” Mwamba said.

And Exodus communications manager Vernon Mwaanga Jr. has called on the corporate world to help the academy host a successful tournament.

Mwaanga said Exodus has a shortfall of K200, 000 after managing to raise fees for the WIBA Flyweight title.

“Our budget is K245, 000 of which we have managed to satisfy the sanction fee with the international body which is the World International Boxing Association but we are still appealing to the corporate world to come on board to assist us so that we can meet this target because we a running out of time,” Mwaanga said.

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