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Government should expedite the process of banning importation of livestock products to protect the local industry, Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) media and public relations manager Calvin Kaleyi has said.

Mr Kaleyi said banning imports of livestock products was going to protect the local famers and the industry in the country.

Mr Kaleyi said the country was capable of producing enough beef and other livestock products that could even be exported to other countries.

He said the government should speed up the ban on the importation of livestock products and instead empower the local livestock industry.

Mr Kaleyi said in an interview that the country had enough cattle to sustain the nation but that what was needed was to support the local livestock industries for them to boost their production capacity.

He said Zambia should emulate other countries that had banned the exportation of livestock products to encourage and support their local industry.

Mr Kaleyi said the government should put in place deliberate measures to encourage increased beef production in the country to protect the local industry from unfair competition that threatened to destroy the local livestock industry.

Meanwhile, Mr Kaleyi said the outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in some parties’ country was due to laxity in the bio security measure vetinary department.

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