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I will continue supporting farmers in cooperatives undertake aquaculture and other agriculture activities, Kankoyo Member of Parliament (MP) Brian Mushimba has said.

The MP said his annual financial support to the cooperatives in his constituency in Mufulira was aimed at helping farmers increase their yield every year.

Mr Mushimba, who is Higher Education Minister, said he was confident that aquaculture potential in the constituency would be exploited to the full.

In an effort to develop the aquaculture sector, Mr Mushimba said he had put up a fish pond in Zimba area and would continue financial support to the cooperatives.

Two weeks ago, the MP presented a K200,000 to the 100 agricultural cooperatives in Kankoyo to be used to buy agricultural inputs and a further K120,000 for school fees for the vulnerable children.

He urged farmers in the constituency to take advantage of his support and exploit the agriculture and aquaculture potential in the area.

“I will always be grateful to you and this is why through my little resources, I will always support you so that you can increase your yield. If you increase your yield, you will be contributing to food security,” he said.

Mr Mushimba said the hunger in some parts of the country, the increase in the price of mealie-meal and the load-shedding were effects of the drought.

He however said through hard work and innovation Zambia would pull through the challenges.

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