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The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) will abide by CAF Statutes when nominating a candidate for the CAF Executive Committee elections, says FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala.

Kashala said that the request by outgoing CAF Executive Committee member Kalusha Bwalya to select a candidate for the upcoming CAF Executive Committee elections via a secret vote by the FAZ Executive Committee is reasonable though a name has already been submitted to CAF for the Executive Committee elections.

Kashala said that the request by Kalusha will prolong the process because other individuals other than Kalusha and Kamanga may be interested to apply for the same position.

Kashala said that all applicants will be subjected to FAZ integrity tests done by bodies given the mandate to scrutinise interested individuals. Meanwhile, former FAZ general secretary Paul Simukoko has urged Kalusha to back-off and allow Kamanga to stand for the CAF Executive Committee position.

In an interview, Simukoko, said FAZ was in order to back Kamanga for the CAF position because he was the seating association president and Bwalya’s time is gone. He was shocked that despite Bwalya serving in CAF for eight years – two terms – he was ready to block Kamanga for another third term.

And Zambia Sports Fans Association patron Peter Makembo has called on Kamanga and Kalusha to unite for the development of the Zambian game. Makembo said it is unfortunate that the pair have been involved in unending tussles which have a negative effect on the Zambian game.

Makembo said in an interview that the two are passionate about football which is why they need to unite to take Zambian football forward

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