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A 31-year-old accountant at Stone Cite has been committed to the High Court for setting on fire her employers accounts office.

She set the accounts office ablaze after she was queried about Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) documents and other accounts details.

Mutinta Mulemba appeared before Resident Magistrate Malota Phiri for judgement when she was committed to the High Court for sentencing.

The court heard that Mulemba was told by her employer to avail ZRA documents which could have been the reason for her to set the room on fire.

Mulemba was thus convicted of arson.

On February 2, 2017 in Kitwe, she willfully and unlawfully set fire on Stone Cite accounts office valued at K166, 400. 

In her defence, Mulemba told the court that on the fateful day she left the office after work and was only alerted about the fire when she had already reached home.

She said she reached the office after the fire had been quenched and tried to save documents but in the process she was burnt on her face, hands and legs.

The magistrate however said he had accepted the testimony of the medical doctor that Mulemba’s burns were caused by direct contact and that she could have been there from the start of the fire and that explained why some of her burns were life threatening.

Mr Phiri said that he also accepted the evidence that the fire started from inside the office as opposed to accused’s testimony that it could have been caused lightning.

The magistrate said, therefore, that he was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Mulemba started the fire and committed her to the High Court for sentencing.

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