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THE Chishinga Royal Establishment of Luapula Province has urged police to investigate and arrest the culprits behind the burning of Chief Mulundu’s two vehicles and the destruction of his palace.

Chief Mushota’s spokesperson Musonda Mushota said the attack on Chief Mulundu was uncalled for.

Chief Mulundu’s palace was raided by unidentified people on Thursday last week after he was acquitted by the Ndola High Court in a matter where he had been accused of being behind the murder of one of his subjects last year.

Upon hearing the news of Chief Mulundu’s acquittal, some villagers mobilised themselves, invaded his palace and set his two motor vehicles on fire and damaged his palace.

Mr Mushota appealed to Luapula Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi to investigate the matter and bring the criminals to book.

He said Zambia was governed by laws which needed to be followed.

There were laws to follow if one was not pleased with the court judgement.

Mr Mushota said attacking leaders was getting out of hand as individuals were mobilising themselves to indulge in lawlessness without any fear of the law.

He said there was need to apprehend the perpetrators so that they served as an example to would be offenders.

“There is need to arrest these thugs in order for it to be a lesson to those who wish to do the same. If nothing is done, we will be encouraging lawlessness in this country, and we are tired of this lawlessness,” he said.

Mr Mushota suspected there was a group of people who wanted to fight and dent the chief’s name.

He assured the police that the Chishinga Royal Establishment would work closely with them during the investigations to bring the culprits to book.

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