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THERE is need for the Football Association of Zambia, (FAZ) to follow what the constitution stipulates and give councillors enough time to campaign for provincial elections, Damiano Academy proprietor, Damiano Mutale has said.

FAZ has set April 13 as the date for the annual general meeting (AGM) which will be preceded by provincial elections that will elect delegates who will represent their provinces at the April meeting.

FAZ announced that provincial election will commence this Friday to March 4th, a month before the annual meeting.

The move to hold the provincial elections within a period of one month has however raised concerns from some football administrators who feel that there is need for the association to set one day as a day of elections in all the provinces.Mutale said that FAZ need to follow what the constitution stipulates to promote transparency and fair play.

He noted that the constitution demands that the association gives councillors a minimum of 21-days to campaign before the date of the elections is announced.

Mutale noted that it was unfair for councillors to be given three days to campaign for provincial elections as it hinders them from reaching out to all clubs.

“What they are trying to do is unfair to the chancellors because the same FAZ constitution they are quoting when issuing statements provides that councillors are given two months or a minimum of 21-days to campaign for provincial elections.

“And the issue of having provincial elections for a month is also suspicious.  Why can’t the elections be held on the same day? This is why provinces have been crying for provincial structures. Voting on the same day would promote transparency,” Mutale said.

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