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Dear Editor,

ZAMBIA has surely enjoyed massive infrastructure development from the time PF formed government in 2011 something that can never be compared with any previous Government since gaining independence in 1964.

The construction industry has surely become the backbone of our economy as billions of dollars are injected in this industry as a result of massive infrastructure developmental projects across the country.

Massive infrastructure developmental projects across the country are meant to benefit Zambians by providing both employment and business opportunities of course keeping the money in circulation.

A nation that invests in its people or citizenry is surely a wealth nation.

The current economic turbulence is surely not friendly to an average Zambian and the shortage of money in circulation is not helping the situation on the ground but making it bad hence the need to come up with short term policies or remedies that will cushion government from complaints coming from the people of Zambia as a result of shortage of money in circulation, lack of both employment and business opportunities and high costs of living.

It is very much possible to have more money in circulation, create reasonable employment and business opportunities for Zambians provided we control the construction industry and allow local contractors to have an equal and fair share in the industry.

Lately I have observed with great concern that the construction industry has been monopolized and dominated by foreign contractors with strong financial muscle leaving our local contractors to be mere spectators in the industry.

Despite our PF government injecting billions of dollars in the industry there is no money in circulation and Zambians don’t seem to benefit because these monies are shipped out of Zambia by foreign contractors who have monopolized and dominated the construction industry. The monopolization and dominance of the construction industry by foreign contractors means that local contractors are left with no option but to either reduce the workforce or face shutdown a situation that is creating shortage of money in circulation, high levels of unemployment and and lack of business opportunities.

There is need to phase out the monopolization and dominance of the construction industry by foreign contractors and allow local contractors to have a fair share that’s the only way money will be in circulation as local contractors will keep it right here in Zambia unlike what is happening were money is being shipped out of Zambia.

Zambia is surely a construction site in southern Africa an industry that seriously demands billions of dollars which I expect Zambians to benefit from and money should be in circulation but this is not happening as local contractors have been diplomatically kicked out of the construction industry.

Let’s not allow foreign contractors to take centre stage but allow our local contractors with capacity to participate fairly and squarely in the construction industry.

I do appreciate the idea of 20% subcontracts to the locals which is surely yielding positive results in terms of capacity building for our small medium enterprises ( SME ) however the ministry of housing and infrastructure development should serious look into the plight of our local contractors as well.


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