‘Foreign investors should help grow local SMEs’

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FOREIGN investors should consider partnering with local business entities to help upgrade their capacity, says a Lusaka businessman, Chrispin Chiinda.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Chiinda said Zambia needed proper foreign investors who could help boost local businesses and not those that wished to compete with Zambians in small ventures

He observed that foreign firms should not invest in small business ventures which should be limited to Zambians to give them an opportunity to also thrive.

Mr Chiinda stressed that Government should consider limiting certain types of businesses to Zambians only as a way of empowering them. Local business, he said, must be supported at all cost to enable them contribute positively to the country’s Growth Domestic Product And Mr Chiinda has advised Small and Medium Enterprises to re-invest the little money in productive sectors so that they graduate into big commercial entities.

“Business people must strive to make their businesses grow and re-invest their earnings in order to expand even more, such acts would help change the face of Zambia,” Mr Chiinda said

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