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LEADERS of various national teachers’ unions should merge and form one strong union for the betterment of their members, Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has said.

  ZCTU Muchinga province coordinator Kasanda Nondo said formation of many unions has crippled strength of teacher unions.

‘‘Once upon a time the teachers’ union was strong and representing teachers very well but today due to new unions the voice is divided therefore there is need for union leaders to agree and form one strong union for the benefit of their members,’’ Mr Nondo said.

Mr Nondo said it was unfortunate that some unions were representing the interest of government instead of workers while others were busy fighting for members.

He said negotiations for salary increments and other conditions of service had become difficult because of some union leaders shed crocodile tears for teachers.

‘‘What is saddening is that some union leaders are busy planning how to unseat each other on positions as opposed to addressing challenges their members are facing due to mushrooming of unions,’’ he said.

He said some union leaders were acting as good boys to government to survive while others had become high class informers and betraying other union leaders.

And Mr Nondo said the labour movement in the province was impressed with timely payment of salaries for civil servants.

He said timely payment of workers’ salaries was a motivating factor as it would enable them to plan and budget and this would prevent them from borrowing as the case was when their salaries were delayed.

Mr Nondo thanked the government for implementing the agreement on the 4% salary increment in July.

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