Fulfil your campaign promises, Luo told

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MUNALI Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo must start fulfilling her campaign promises such as improving water and sanitation and curbing crime in the constituency.

A resident of Munali, Misheck Ngondwe, said the MP promised the electorates that she would ensure roads that were in a deplorable state in Kaunda Square Stage One would be worked on under the township roads programme.

Mr Ngondwe said Professor Luo also promised that developmental programmes as well as enhanced industrialisation programme that the party wanted to build on would create employment opportunities especially for the youth.

He said Prof Luo had promised that once elected, she would enhance garbage collection, improve water and sanitation as well as curb the high rate of crime in the area.

“From the time she won the election our MP is nowhere to be seen, all the promises she made during the campaigns in 2016 are still not fulfilled and it was difficult to reach her,” said Mr Ngondwe.

Another resident Lloyd Ngoma said the MP should work with the grassroots on the ground as Munali constituency was lagging behind in terms of development.

Mr Ngoma pointed out that women and youths who worked tirelessly during the 2016 election in Munali constituency have not been recognised as they were still languishing in poverty, due to of lack of presentation by the current leadership.

“It is important for leaders to ensure that they always prioritised the welfare of people before anything else as most youths do not have access to empowerment programmes due to lack of presentation by their MP,” said Mr Ngoma.

And Kunda Kabangwe said shortage of clean and safe drinking water and poor drainage system was contributing to the floods, outbreak of diseases and lack of access to basic facilities.

Ms Kabangwe also said there was urgent need to empower young people in the area with skills training and loans to prevent them engaging in drug or alcohol abuse but instead help them become better and productive citizens.

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