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GANGS are a foreign phenomenon to Zambia and more needs to be done to ensure youths are empowered because idle minds are vulnerable, Matero Member of Parliament Lloyd Kaziya.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, the Matero lawmaker described the mushrooming of gangs as very un-Zambian and unprecedented which should be a source of worry for all citizens.

Mr Kaziya observed that parents and guardians had let their children loose and were not bothered which wrong camps they joined such as gangs.

He said politicians were known to use and dump youths but that actually this should not be the case.  Instead they must utilise their energy, intellectual capability and skills to build them into better and meaningful citizens.

“You have heard the adage that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. We have a lot of idle minds in our youths and it is so sad that as Government, we are not coming up with tangible programmes that can ease the unemployment rate in Zambia.

“This scourge is very un-Zambian and our youths are being swayed to do wrong things. Drugs and alcohol abuse have made youths become fearless,” he said.

Mr Kaziya said he was working on a youth empowerment programme and expressed hope that the Government would buy into it.

He said the giving of money as a means to empower youths was not feasible as they ended up wasting the funds but that there was need for a self-sustaining programme which they would actively get involved in.

And Cathedral of Miracles senior bishop Naison Nyonyo commended the police in Lusaka for having arrested five members of the infamous gang calling itself ‘the fluffy boys.’

The clergyman said the church was praying for the situation to change and expressed hope that security wings had the capacity to “wipe out” these gangs.

Zambia has witnessed an unprecedented mushrooming of gangs in the Copperbelt, Lusaka and Western provinces.

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