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CARPENTERS and welders operating along Alick Nkhata Road in Kalingalinga Township have appealed to the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to consider allocating them a permanent piece of land to trade from.

Mr Evaristo Chikobeni, who spoke on behalf of the other traders, said it was risky for them to continue conducting their businesses along the road reserves.

Mr Chikobeni said with increased traffic flow on Alick Nkhata Road, it was also difficult to do business in the area.

He explained that in the past promises by aspiring civic leaders to find them alternative land in the area had failed.

“When people are voted into office, they forget about us we thought we could take it upon ourselves and appeal to the relevant authorities for an alternative piece of land that we had identified along Alick Nkanta Road in the Mass Media area.

“Very soon when the owners come, they will tell us to find a new place away from here where we are operating from. 

The idea of us moving from one place to another is really killing our business we end up losing clients like that,” Mr Chikobeni said. 

He said the traders wanted to contribute to the development of the country through their business by paying levy or rentals to government through the council adding that it was therefore important that the council offered them an alternative piece of land.

“We are hopeful that the piece of land along Alick Nkanta just around the mass media area can be given to us,” Mr Chikobeni quipped.  

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