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THE crisis of leadership can be seen everywhere. What is needed to satisfy the discontents? Nothing but one thing only, transformative leadership is the answer.

The crisis itself of leadership is speaking to the demand for “transformative solutions” within it.

Authentic leadership, does not change goal-posts depending on which side the pendulum of opportunities goes. They are guided by certain leadership principles of vision, good governance, legitimacy, credibility, accountability, transparency, legality, and integrity.

The world is starved and crying, for a new generation of transformative leaders. True leaders never cut-corners, for getting their way by compromise, or cheating.

All recycled politicians are deceptive at most, because they promise to do today, what they failed while in government before. It is not how long a leader stays, which makes for effective contribution.

Vision, will, and discipline, are some of the most important character traits of a transformative leader. Mandela only governed for five years, but left an indelible mark. Mugabe ruled for over three decades and left his people; poor, and discontent, without effective successors.

In Britain the Discontent is evident in BREXIT. From David Cameron’s resignation, to Theresa May’s resignation, Britain has remained in “limbo,” seeking for a way out of the European Union (EU).

The British people are going back to elections for the second time after a Brexit referendum that sought to solve the discontents, with the EU immigration and economic laws that limited the sovereignty of Britain. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is barely making an impact on this discontent that is why that nation-state has been left with no option, but another election.

In America this discontent has been since the election of President Trump. America has remained divided. The media has not helped either. The ongoing impeachment proceedings that are being televised worldwide, are another evidence of this discontent.

What is encouraging though about the American situation, is the enduring strength of that democracy to hold accountable, even a sitting President, because their systems and institutional framework works.

Zambia can learn therefrom. America under the Trump administration is nationalising, while, China is globalising.

In Israel, the Attorney General with public discontent, has cited the incumbent Prime Minister of; graft, fraud, and corruption. This has set a precedent, like no other in the world. The discontent for the leadership is very palpable, in a long stayed Prime Minister, seeking a clear fourth term sadly.

People should learn that leadership is a privilege, and an assignment for the good of the people, not selfish-aggrandisement. Corruption cannot be covered, no matter how long a leader tries to deceive the people. One day the people will reach the highest level of discontent and say, “enough!”

The endemic culture of corruption in Africa and the geo-politics, is a shame to be condemned in all, by all. It is a cancer that denies others their economic rights, for the benefit of the few.

In Hong Kong, the Police and the general population discontent is growing. They have been at each other, for over five months or less, in protests against a Bill to extradite their citizens to China. Nationalism and globalisation, are two forces affecting the global world order today. The cry for sovereignty, is being met with globalism realities at home.

In Bolivia, the President resigned after public protests of discontent, for election fraud and allegations of rigging. A leader can only fool the people so long. When the discontent rises to the maximum, it is time to go.

The “Court of Public Opinion” has no legal process, to hold it at some point. The leader had to seek asylum in Mexico a few days later.

Leaders must do the right thing, and not suppress the will of the people in a country. They live to regret their actions of insecurity mostly, later on. The legacy of a corrupt leader, is like heavy rain that washes away the harvest of the best things they have done, for they are forgotten in the end. Usually they ignore advice!

In Zimbabwe, this discontent for leadership, was recently seen in police crack-down, on the opposition and citizens who were protesting. We can learn from Zimbabwe that it is not removing a “Mugabe” that is important, but what we replace despotism with, to stop the harsh economic realities of a people in a nation.

The wise will learn from Zimbabwe.

The will of the people of that country will rise one day, to reclaim their true democracy, and an economy, that has been battered for so long.

The cry for Zimbabwe to the international community, is to remove the harsh sanctions, affecting innocent citizens, since the Mugabe era!

Written by:

Dr. Daniel Mvula Shimunza,

Founding President

The Movement for National Transformation (MNT)                     

For First World Zambia Ideology

And 2021 Presidential Candidate.

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