Government must take over Mpatamato Stadium

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Dear Editor,

THE privatization of ZCCM by the late president Mr. Fredrick Chiluba’s MMD administration in the 1994 largely contributed to the vandalism of the once beautiful and useful Mpatamatu stadium.

In the early 1980’s , the stadium hosted big teams like mufurila wanders , Konkola blades and once stylish Roan united who played games with local teams like kalulu and Buseko and ended up  identifying massive talent in the area.

At the moment, we don’t know the owners of the dilapidated stadium. Government should use its ZCCM shareholding rights to take over the stadium and rehabilitate it to provincial stadium status.

At the moment apart from local schools using it for athletics competitions, during the night, it is used for illicit activities such as sex, dagga smoking and hide out for criminals



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