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THE Ministry of General Education has banned weekend and holiday tuitions in all day and boarding schools.

In a statement made available to the Daily Nation yesterday, Ministry spokesperson Nondo Chilonga said the directive arose from the observation that some schools were failing to adhere to the conditions for conducting weekend and holiday tuitions.

Ms Chilongo noted that the tuitions had stopped serving the purpose they were intended for but had instead been abused and commercialised.

“The Ministry’s circular number ‘MESVTEE/101/33/10 of July, 2013 which allowed the conduct of tuitions and advised schools to complete syllabi in time so as to allow learners to sit for the national examinations with a fair level of competence and confidence is not being followed,” Mr Chilongo said.

She said while the ministry was making great efforts to reduce the cost of education on the parents, the holiday and other tuitions were instead putting an additional cost on parents.

Ms Chilongo implored head teachers to effectively supervise teachers and put into place internal monitoring systems that would ensure that they deliver quality lessons and are held accountable to their teaching responsibilities.

“The Zambia Education Curriculum currently in implementation is designed with time allocation for each subject implying that the teacher should be held accountable and cover the syllabus content in the prescribed time space without challenges,” he said.

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