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GOVERNMENT will accelerate the diversification programme from mining to agriculture in order produce enough maize and other crops for consumption and export, Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has said

Mr Mwakalombe said President Edgar Lungu had directed him to ensure diversification programme succeeded to reduce dependent on mining.

The minister was speaking in Chililabombwe during a Patriotic Front (PF) rally for the by-elections to be held today in Anoya Zulu ward.

Mr Mwakalombe said that people had not been stopped from trading but that they had been advised to formalise their business.

The minister said the Government valued the Copperbelt province as it had a lot of business activities that promoted growth of the economy.

He said over US$1 billion had been invested in the water reticulation system on the Copperbelt.

Meanwhile, Chililabombwe Member of Parliament Richard Musukwa advised people to vote peacefully without any distractions or confusion.

At the same function, Copperbelt PF chairperson Nathan Chanda said it was important for the people of Chililabombwe to work together and chose leaders wisely.

Mr Chanda said many people in the opposition were frustrated as they had nothing to offer to the Zambian people.

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