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GOVERNMENT is concerned with the high levels of poverty in Northern Province which presently stand at 76 per cent and is determined to lower it to manageable levels.

Provincial Minister Brian Mundubile says, his Government had all along been concerned with the high levels of poverty among the people of the region and is therefore working towards the creation of worth to reduce poverty.

The minister was speaking when he addressed government workers and the PF leadership in Nsumbu at the weekend.

Mr Mundubile who is Mporokoso Member of Parliament said it was saddening to note that some of the factors leading to poverty among the people in the province was their negative attitude towards development programmes.

He said a positive attitude was essential even as investors come to the province.

The minister noted that investors were in business and would not tolerate a negative attitude that would make it difficult for their businesses to thrive.

He explained that many investors would be forced to bring their own employees if the local people did not change their attitude.

He explained that the forthcoming Northern Province Tourism and Investment Expo was meant to showcase the development potential the region was endowed to woo investment.

The minister made a passionate appeal to the local people to fully participate in the Expo as well as the celebrations to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I.

He was on tour of districts to inspect various projects and tourism sites in readiness for the two events.

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