Govt should consider regulating number of children couples should have

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Dear Editor,

THROUGH your newspaper, I wish to suggest that the government should consider regulating the number of children a person should have based on their monthly income.

Most of the problems we face in our families and the nation at large are as a result of some parents having children they are incapable of providing for.

Today, we have situations where a parent has five children and he has no means of providing for them hence the children end up becoming street kids, thieves, and some dangerous criminals.

Failing to provide for children is a major problem although not much attention has been paid to it.

Imagine a situation where a parent has eight daughters and he earns less than K800 per month.

How is he going to provide for his daughters? What happens if he fails to provide for them?

Once the children realise that their parents are incapable of providing for them, they start looking for means and ways of providing for themselves. Most of them end up becoming prostitutes, thieves just so they can find something to eat and clothes to wear.

The blame is not on children who end up as prostitutes, thieves or streets kids because in my view if their parents had the capacity of providing for their needs, they wouldn’t be on the streets in the first place.

The number of streets kids is increasing on a daily basis for kids are running away from their parents because there is no food at home.

A child can tolerate a situation where there is no food for sometimes but once he notices that the situation is unlikely to change for the better, he or she begins to think differently.

He runs away from home and starts looking for food in the streets, and eventually ends up as a street kid.

The poverty levels caused by parental failure to provide for their children have to be addressed as soon as possible and I think the best way is to regulate the number of children a person can have based on their monthly income.

Parents should only have children they are capable of providing for. If a parent earns K2, 000 monthly let him be restricted to having not more than two children because, with that amount, he will be able to provide for his two children.

The point to note here is that, if a man doesn’t have what it takes to provide for his children, let him not have children until he finds what to give them.

That way, we can have parents taking full responsibility for providing necessities for their children and avoid having numerous streets kids as a country.


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