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GOVERNMENT will not condone anyone inciting violence in the on-going by-election campaigns in Roan constituency in Luanshya, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has warned.

Mr Nundwe said that Government was not going to trade development for violence in the country as the vice retarded progress.

The Permanent Secretary was speaking during a media briefing in Ndola. He therefore called on security personnel to ensure that there was order as campaigns took place in readiness for the Roan Constituency by-election on April 11, this year.

Mr Nundwe said there was no time to waste in dealing with culprits of violence.

“I may not be the right person to talk about this, but I am aware that there are elections that will be held in Luanshya so there should be order as we will not allow anyone to incite violence,” he said.

Mr Nundwe appealed for violence free campaigns from all the political parties on the Copperbelt adding that the right person should be voted for peacefully.

He added that there was need to place priority on developmental activities on the Copperbelt and the entire country instead of entertaining violence.

Government, he said, could not afford to lose lives because of elections and directed security personnel to deal firmly with trouble-makers

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