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GOVERNMENT has performed well by rolling out massive infrastructure development across the country, National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba noted that President Edgar Lungu had performed well in infrastructure development and many other sectors, hence the commendation.

He said the massive developmental projects had lifted the face of most rural areas in the country.

Dr Mumba, however, observed that the atmosphere was clouded with non-issue politics, hence making it difficult for people to appreciate the development.

“We need to give credit where it is due, the PF Government must be commended for all the good it’s doing, especially in the area of infrastructure.

“There is no Government on earth which is 100 percent perfect, PF has its weaknesses, but it also has strengths. So it is wrong to say PF has done nothing for this country,” Dr Mumba said

The NRP leader cited roads, modern health facilities, shopping malls and schools as some of the infrastructure development projects which had been rolled out.

If the country was to be the economic hub for the region, he observed, such infrastructure development should continue.

“If Zambia is to transform into an economic hub for the region, present and future Governments would have to invest enormously in infrastructure development projects,” he said

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