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NAREP leader, Elias Chipimo should grow up and stop his childish utterances, a Patriotic Front (PF) member,  Chanoda Ngwira has charged.

Mr Ngwira was reacting to Mr Chipimo’s utterances that the Zambian people were likely to revolt against the ruling party and remove it from government.

He accused Mr Chipimo of  irresponsible reasoning and engaging in reckless talk, saying that it came with childishness which periodically requires correction from responsible adults.

“What kind of person calls for the destabilisation of a legitimately elected government? What kind of Lawyer calls for an insurrection?  Does he really have a heart for the ordinary Zambians that would suffer, while he and his family would fly first class on a holiday to the land of his donors?” he questioned.

Mr Ngwira reiterated that for a long time now Mr Chipimo had clamoured for attention and relevance through his personalised ‘wanna-be’ political party which he had for close to a decade kept in a strange un-ending foetal state.

He said that Mr Chipimo micro managed his political party for his own amusement like ‘a badly run nursery school’.

Mr Ngwira noted that from time to time the NAREP leader threw infantile tantrums and tossed his toys around to attract attention.

He charged that Mr Chipimo’s political utterances were childish and that his sentiments were as juvenile as they were irresponsibly inflammatory.

Mr Ngwira said that the opposition leader needed to grow up and behave himself as he was clearly unequal to the task of adult conversations and matters of statecraft.

“This is not a cartoon world. Governance is not like being in the cartoon world of “Toy Story”. Grow up and be responsible,” he said.

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