Guarding national resources

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Dear Editor,

ONCE beaten, twice shy – we, as a country have learnt it the hard way that, you never entrust your treasures with foreign hands because, where your treasure is, that is where your heart is.  

  Instead, we opted to carelessly give our blessings away, just to remain in agony with empty hands.

    The western world through their Agent Institution advised the Zambian Government to liberalise the economy and privatise all industries, mines included.

   What we have come to discover is that, never learn business from people that admire your treasures as they will only teach you how you have to freely give your wealth without realising they are stealing from you.

Zambians should thank God for not allowing the discovery of gold deposits earlier than now, because the country would have made the same mistake on this minerals we have done on copper. But, there is an opportunity to think right on how to exploit this resource.

Foreign investors are already on the gold rush but within them majority are wolfs in sheep skin, they will present the most humane and attractive business plans. These investors once permitted to operate, they will turn into the waste employers, tax evaders and rude partners in business and arm twist government all the time.

This country should this time around rather choose its own child, ZCCM to manage the treasure than have it stolen by foreigners as the case in with our copper.

In this regard therefore, we do not need to rush into over commercialisation of the Mwinilunga Gold mine. The Ministry of Mines should jointly work with the Department of Co-operative in Commerce Ministry and the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission to fund For once, let us protect that which belongs to Zambians now and in future.

Those foreigners who we generously gave the right to exploit our minerals, they have treasures back home and they have opted to preserve it for the rainly day in future, while we have allowed a field day of indiscriminate harvesting of our assets in the mines. Once beaten, twice shy.


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