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PHYSICAL boundaries should not hinder African countries from helping each other in times of crisis such as the tropical cyclone which hit our neighbouring countries, says Party for National Unity (PNU) president Highvie Hamududu.

Mr Hamududu commended President Edgar Lungu for stating that Zambia should share the little it
had with neighbouring countries that had been hit by catastrophes.

President Lungu observed that neighbouring countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique had been hit by a tropical cyclone that destroyed most of their produce.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Hamududu said Africa was built on a spirit of unity of purpose from the liberation struggle to multi-party emancipation and socio-economic perspective.

He said no single African country could develop in isolation while ignoring challenges of its neighbours.

“Africa was built on a strong foundation of looking out for each from the liberation struggle to multiparty liberation. We are one people and should not let the physical boundaries stop us from lending a helping hand in times of need.

“I am glad to see once again a spirit of Ubuntu (humanity) being shown by African countries
towards our neighbouring countries adversely affected by this tropical cyclone,” Mr Hamududu said.

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