Harry Kalaba please take a breather and reflect

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Dear Editor,

I wish to make my earnest appeal to Mr Harry Kalaba, to please take his by election loss in Bahati as an eye opener.

If you had worked with the alliance partners, they were going to let you field your own person in Bahati and today you were going to have your first MP.

The only strategy now is to work together, if UPND was selfish and had decided to field a candidate in Roan, PF would have been celebrating today. You can never win an election against the PF.

Harry Kalaba please take a breather and reflect single-handedly, forge alliances if you are to make yourself relevant to the Zambian political field.

Going forward, please hear my plea to you because as Zambians we are in this together, if you stand apart you shall remain apart.

Since you decided not to field a candidate you should have at least decided to have presence in Bahati and campaign with other partners, but you decided to watch from afar, any I hope you have learnt your lesseon.

Sam Lido

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