Hats off to Nawakwi and three opposition leaders

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Dear Editor,

I SALUTE FDD president Edith Nawakwi and the three other opposition leaders namely Mr Sakwiba Sikota, Mr Wynter Kabimba and Mr Felix Mutati for exposing the three church mother bodies’ conspiracy scheme of the so-called ‘’National dialogue.’

So many Zambians knew about this conspiracy by these three church mother bodies. The almighty God can never be mocked by these three church mother bodies.  Thank God that we have a leader who is so tolerant to evil schemes. Our laws are very clear to any elements trying to remove the legitimately elected government from power by unconstitutional acts, no one is above the law. The peace we are enjoying should not be taken for granted.

My appeal to his grace, Bishop George Zumaire Lungu is to be wary with the clique of political party leaders surrounding him, over the issue of so-called dialogue.

Let him follow the footsteps of the late respected Cardinal M.J. Mazombwe (M.H.S.R.I.P) who never found himself in any conflict. Remember that this was the man of God who championed the cancellation of Zambia’s debts during the Kaunda era.

For Madam Nawakwi and the three opposition leaders I wish all of you God’s blessing for exposing this evil scheme.

Thank you, you have done your part, what remains now is President Edgar Lungu to show leadership over this issue.  The President ought to know that leadership has to do with decision making to avoid some people bringing civil war or bloodshed.

Weak leadership brings chaos and anarchy in a country, just look at the escalating political violence in every by-election in our country because of weaker laws which are in existence. Opposition political leaders have taken advantage of these weaker laws with their cadres using pangas and axes to hack innocent citizens, and yet after being arrested by the Police, the following day they are given bail, and commit the same acts again.

If the republican President has no powers to change the law and make it stiffer, then let the MPs change this law. No bail to political violence…Which one is more dangerous, hacking a person with a panga and axes or stealing a car?

Kindly can the President stick to his earlier position – refusing to meet a known opposition leader at night, what has changed for him now to be meeting at night, because he is on record as having told the nation that he has refused to meet with a known opposition leader at night. Let the President be careful with PRETENCE ADVICE coming from these church leaders.



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