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HAKAINDE Hichilema should stop accusing other politicians of tribalism when he in fact is a hard-core tribalist, former United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has charged.

Mr Mwamba said Mr Hichilema was very backwards, stating that when he  was with UPND on several occasions he said  that Southern Province was a no-go area for PF and did it not report him to the police.

 He said when it suited them, they did not take it as tribalism but because he was now with PF they are portraying it as tribal.

Mr Mwamba said he was very disappointed with Mr Hichilema for trying to portray that he was tribal when what he said was political and it had nothing to do with being tribal.

He said “I didn’t mention about tribes, I said that Northern and Muchinga is a no go area for UPND.

Mr Mwamba who is also former minister of Defence said “Mr. Hichilema is the one who is tribal, he cannot even employ anyone from other regions.”

Mr Mwamba said Mr Hichilema should be the last person to accuse others of tribalism when he is the architect of the same.

UPND Northern Province chairperson, Nathan Illunga, on Wednesday lodged a complaint against Mr Mwamba to Kasama Central Police Station accusing him of expressing hatred against other people because of their tribe.

Mr Illunga said Mr Mwamba was hateful, and that his statement prevented people from exercising their rights.

He said the statement by the former vice president expressed open contempt and hatred for Zambians that hail from Western, North-Western and Southern Provinces.

But Mr Mwamba said it was unfortunate that the UPND membership was trying to twist a political statement.

Mr Mwamba said he was aware that Mr Hichilema had instructed Mr Illunga to report him to the police to portray that he was tribal.

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