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HAKAINDE Hichilema is the one who has made us fail to form government because he is too arrogant to listen to advice and this is why people have taken us for jokers, a UPND official in Southern Province has charged.

Meanwhile, the Zambian DNA has asked the UPND to emulate the stance taken by President Edgar Lungu to condemn violence.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, the official who refused to be named, said it was illogical for Mr. Hichilema to allegedly continue exhibiting arrogance towards police officers and endangering the lives of innocent members of the party.

“Reacting to a statement from Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo that Mr. Hichilema was advised to leave Sesheke after spending days there and he refused, I now understand why people don’t take us seriously.  You cannot have a situation where all the time you have to be antagonistic even where you are just supposed to oblige.

“Now, look at our members whose lives he risked. How difficult was it for him to leave the area and return after the President left if he still, needed to campaign? What was the point of attempting to block the road which President Lungu’s motorcade was using? We need to stop being petty and play our politics well, otherwise  we will never form government,” the officials said.

And Zambian DNA spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa yesterday told the Daily Nation that the sickening violence in Sesheke was perpetrated by the UPND.   He appealed to the police to ruthlessly deal with all perpetrators of political violence regardless of their political status to send a strong signal to would-be offenders that political violence had no space and place in Zambia. “We also urge the people of Sesheke not to vote for a candidate whose party is bent on fanning chaos and confusion through political violence, and instead rally behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu by voting for the PF candidate Dean Masule in the by- election,” he said.

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