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HAKAINDE Hichilema’s demands to know what action President Edgar Lungu has taken against those cited in the 2017 FIC report shows he is ignorant of governance, Richard Kachingwe has said.

Maj Kachingwe said this also showed that Mr Hichilema would make a very bad leader if elected to lead this country.

Mr. Hichilema yesterday stated that the UPND was waiting for President Lungu’s executive action on the 2017 FIC Trends Report and demanded that those cited be compelled to bring back the K4.5 billion that they stole.

“The PF Government has lost K10.6 billion, which is about US$1 billion through corruption. How many successful prosecutions did Zambia record on his watch? We want to believe that President Lungu means well when he says he is committed to fighting corruption.

“If he does, we want to challenge him to inform the nation what he has done to those who were cited in 2017 report for milking K4.5 billion off the country through corruption. How many successful prosecutions did Zambia record on his watch? Is Mr. Lungu letting these people go scot-free and yet still expect us to believe that he is fighting corruption?” Mr. Hichilema asked. 

But Maj. Kachingwe, who is a former UPND member, said Mr Hichilema would be a disaster if given the opportunity to rule Zambia because he was economical with tenents of governance.

“If Mr. Hichilema wants to be president, he must know how the country operates. By now, he must have vested himself in structures of Government that the President does not interfere with investigative wings which are constitutional offices until such a time when he needs to pardon people.

“Even during pardoning people, there is a committee that recommends to the President. For the president to come in on such issues, it is tantamount to interference and obstruction of justice and so, he must understand how these institutions operate,” Maj. Kachingwe said.

He said those who were questioning President Lungu’s resolve to fight corruption were simply closing their eyes to reality.

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