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A Lusaka housewife narrated before a local court how she found her husband kissing another woman on the road at night.

This is a case in which Yvonne Mutale, 23, of Chipata compound sued her husband, Collins Siziba, 30, for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2014 and have one child.

Mutale told senior court magistrate Ganston Kalala at Matero Local Court that Siziba did not want to be controlled.

She said that in May 2018 she found him kissing a woman on the road at night and that he chased her from their home because she shouted at the woman.

Mutale added that for nine months now, they were not together with Siziba and that when she phoned him to get her after six months, she said he replied that he could not take her back home because he was still ‘playing’ and that he would only take her back once he finished ‘playing.’

In defence, Siziba said that they started differing long ago and that they held meetings four times but Mutale did not change despite putting her in the house to be taught good matrimonial lessons.

“On October 18, I called Mutale and told her that I was going to get her but she refused and started insulting me. I told her that if she finds me with another woman she shouldn’t bring problems and that was how her relatives said that she can’t be in polygamous marriage,’’ Siziba said.

Siziba said that Mutale did not recognize him as the head of the house because she did whatever she desired and that he used to beat but that he was now tired of doing so.

But Mutale said that they were differing because Siziba wanted her to introduce certain styles when making love which she did not want.

The court said that there were problems and that Mutale heard that Siziba had a girlfriend.

The court said that Mutale was angered when she found Siziba kissing another woman on the road at night and wondered why he wanted her to apologise to the other woman.

The court said that Siziba had no love for Mutale because it was nine months since they went on separation and he had not gone to fetch her back. The court ruled a failed reconciliation.


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