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SOME parts of Kazungula have been hit by hunger situation following the poor rainfall pattern which the area experienced coupled with prolonged droughts.

Mr Elias Muluwa of Siamwalu village in Musokotwane Chiefdom told the Daily Nation in Livingstone that people in the area were starving.

Mr Muluwa said the situation is likely to worsen if the government does not send relief maize to the area.

He noted that most of the farmers in the chiefdom did not do well due to poor rainfall.

“There will be hunger this year in Kazungula district not just in Musokotwane chiefdom because of poor rainfall pattern. As you know last year and part of this year we did not receive good rains and this has affected most parts of Kazungula,” he said.

“So as we speak right now some people are failing to even send their children to school because of hunger. Let the government come to our aid,” said Mr Muluwa.

Last week, Kazungula District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane reported that the government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has released 200 metric tonnes of relief maize to Kazungula to try mitigate the hunger situation.

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