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By Nation Reporter

KABUSHI Member of Parliament, Bowman Lusambo says as an effective and time tested grassroots mobiliser with a ‘PhD in politics’, he will have no option but to send UPND president Hakainde Hichilema into political extinction if he does not quit his provocative brand of politics.

And Mr Lusambo says the events of Friday in Sesheke where Mr Hichilema instructed his cadres not to obey lawful orders to suspend their campaign activities as President Edgar Lungu was arriving in the district is another example of how desperate he is to get to State House.

Meanwhile, Hon Lusambo who is also Lusaka Province Minister has demanded that the UPND leader and his supporters should draw a line between the Office of the Republican President as provided for in the Republican Constitution and the office holder.

He says Mr Hichilema may not agree with the Head of State as a political opponent but he has no right whatsoever as an ordinary citizen to disrespect the presidency.  “What we have continued to witness are high levels of arrogance by a man who foolishly has convinced himself that he is better than the incumbent although election results point to the contrary.

In a statement made available to Smart Eagles today, Hon Lusambo, fondly referred to as the Bulldozer, has described the actions of Mr Hichilema as not only childish but uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Mr Lusambo has commended the UPND chairperson for elections Hon Garry Nkombo for demonstrating maturity and leadership in the manner politics should be conducted in Zambia.  “Just like my elder brother Hon Gary Nkombo, MP said when he phoned me shortly after the incidence, we should rise above such petty politics as Zambians.

“Clearly, Hon Nkombo does not approve of such stupid stunts and we would expect that the entire leader of an opposition political party could take a leaf from the Mazabuka lawmaker who has a better and mature way of looking at politics,” disclosed Mr Lusambo.

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