Illicit activities

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Dear Editor,

 “IMITI IKULA EMPANGA,” goes the Bemba adage.

This Bemba dialect when translated in English means, the small trees will make a forest.

This adage is very important as it means that the young people of today are the future leaders.

The above adage is true but, the question is:

Can the crop of young people of this generation make leaders?

The answer to this question is no.

I say so because these young people are not responsible enough as they lead reckless lives characterised by alcohol abuse, drug substance abuse and criminal activities.

If the above are not bad enough, these young people indulge in illicit sex thereby risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including the deadly HIV and AIDS.

It is indeed a well-established fact that employment opportunities are globally and Zambia in particular. This should not be a scapegoat or rather the excuse for youths to indulge in illicit activities.

The youth can instead engage in sporting activities and entrepreneurship. They can borrow money as capital to commence the business of their preference and keep themselves busy and become financially stable.



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