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THIS anonymous ancient proverb was wrongly attributed to Euripides a Greek tragedian who lived between 480-406 BC (Before Christ).

It is first quoted in English Literature as a heathen proverb in 1854 in the play; Daniel, a Model for Young Men written by William Anderson.

The source of the misattribution to Euripides is unknown but the proverb has survived the centuries and many promising careers and regimes have been destroyed by the “madness wished by the gods.”

I first heard this proverb in my secondary school days and I have seen many tragedies and failures that have been occasioned by god-sent madness.

I have seen women ruin their marriages through irresponsible drinking and amorous behaviour.

 I have seen men destroy their marriages and careers through alcoholism and I have seen people live sad lives through their own deplorable behaviours.

These are the thoughts that crossed my mind when I first saw a repugnant video on WhatsApp. My immediate reaction was that our country was sinking to dangerous levels of idiocy or the gods had made some people mad.

The producers and speakers in the video are Zambian artistes who are apparently benefitting from their good relationships with the ruling Patriotic Front.

They tell Zambians to just rot if their parents were not educated. My good lord I wondered; can a person brought up by an educated mother and father make such disgusting and obnoxious comments about the less fortunate in society?

They are heard boasting about the money they are receiving from President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. They distastefully make repulsive remarks about Zambians who are poor like me.

I first saw the video on Sunday August 4, 2019 and I went to sleep with a disturbed mind.  When I opened my WhatsApp on Monday, August 5, 2019, I discovered that many other people had been hurt by the contemptible boasting in the video and I quote some of the comments below.

Parasitic elements

“This is toxic nonsense! PF should really cage this type of parasitic elements. Mocking people who are suffering, have no jobs and those whose fathers didn’t go to school is sheer madness and heartlessness.

I think we have a very serious challenge on our hands as a nation.”

“And this haughtiness and mocking of people is what upsets the citizens”

“How on earth can someone even think of such. And these are elements that are de-campaigning PF.

They de-campaign the party big time.”

“Indeed, these chaps should be caged.”

These comments came from different people and many others that I have spoken to feel the same way.

This video is sickening and it gives one an awful taste. I wholeheartedly agree that the chaps boasting in this video must be shown the door out of the party if they are even members at all.

The PF must distance itself from such people.

They are mercenaries after money. They do not have any moral compass. They don’t even know the history of our country.

Not graduates

The people who led this country to its independence were not graduates.

They were mere primary and junior secondary school leavers. My own mother is mere Standard 5 but she fought for our freedom and all the educated and affluent Zambians are benefitting from the blood of uneducated freedom fighters.

Not even in the oppressive UNIP days did we hear artistes making such hateful and appalling remarks about other Zambians.

Musicians exalted Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and warned him about the bad habits of leaders; “imisango yaba chairman.”

If the artistes who made that video have any sense of responsibility, they must immediately apologise to all Zambians and exonerate the PF from their repugnant attacks on innocent citizens.

They must remember that “Those the Gods wish to Destroy, they first make mad.”

I hope money has not made them mad as yet and they will do what is necessary to save the image of President Lungu.

By the way, only a person whose mind is buried in pauperism can go round boasting about his wealth.

“Sweet is the remembrance of troubles when you are in safety.”

(Andromeda) and “The company of just and righteous men is better than wealth and a rich estate.”

Yours truly,


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